Styrofoam cutter

The styrofoam cutter for model makers, decorators and artists

With the CUTTER 3000 you can precisely cut out any shape from polystyrene/ rigid foam, thermoplastic sheets. The foot switch is essential when cutting circular and conical shapes as well as complex designs. This leaves both hands free to guide the material.

• Device for oblique and circular cuts, cylinders and cones

• Locking screws for repeated cuts

• Large, soft and smooth working surface

• Grid, millimetre scale and angular scale on the worktop

• Graduated scale on mower bar

• Safety transformer - 25 watts / 10.5 V / 1.7

• Ready for cutting in less than a second.

• Temperature control up to 250 degrees

• Precise on/off via foot switch

Technical specifications

Power:  25 W / 10.5 V / 1.7 A

Rated current:  220-240 V / 50 Hz

Cutting temperature: adjustable up to 250 degrees

Protection:  class II

Cutting wire: supplied

Working surface:  370 x 260 mm

Cutting height:  140 mm

Weight:  3.6 kg

Standard Equipment

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