CCB battery hot knife

Extremely durable thanks to two lithium-ion batteries

The new generation of hand edge cutters from Comer also includes the world’s first cordless polystyrene cutters. Especially for quick use on the scaffold is the constant speed of execution. Battery-powered devices offer the desired flexibility and create a real remedy for all cutting problems.

Lithium-ion batteries are compact, durable and feature short charging times. You can safely recharge the battery, no matter if it is half, full or low. Because the memory effect has virtually no role in our lithium-ion technology.

The CCB battery voltage:

36V-2.0 Ah or 36V-3.5 Ah.
Included: two batteries.

Technical specifications

Standard Equipment

  • Case
  • 50 mm blade length
  • 2 batteries
  • Battery charger
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