Water reservoir

Tank 3 is a water reserve tank equipped with a 12 v pump that allows to develop a liquid outlet pressure of 4.8 bar.

Thanks to its variable flow rate and the automatic stop of the water at the moment of closing the Tank 3 output, it allows a working autonomy of about 30 minutes.

The special built-in 12 V battery allows it to be used for about 50 hours without being recharged.

Its small size and its ergonomic frame combined with 2 large side wheels make Tank 3 an accessory easily transportable in all situations on construction sites and agriculture.

Tank 3 makes up for the lack of water in the construction site or the loss of time for the search of fittings and allows you to feed numerous machines such as disc tronatrici, chain saws, core drills and any other equipment that needs water.

With regulator of the quantity of water in function to the applications and indicator battery level.

Technical specifications

Capacity: 35 lt

Batteriy: 12V - 17A

Battery life: 50 hours

Water life: 50 minutes

Dimensions: 85x41x39 cm

Weight: 17 kg

Standard Equipment

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