Laser professional - universal - reinforced concrete

Blade with full segments


Professional for reinforced concrete. H 10 mm.


Technical specifications

Code/Diameter/H. segment/Boring

EDIS-SL52/115 mm/10 mm/22,2 mm

EDIS-SL53/125 mm/10 mm/22,2 mm

EDIS-SL54/150 mm/10 mm/22,2 mm

EDIS-SL55/200 mm/10 mm/22,2 mm

EDIS-SL56/230 mm/10 mm/22,2 mm

EDIS-SL57/300 mm/10 mm/30 - 25,4 mm

EDIS-SL58/350 mm/10 mm/30 - 25,4 mm

EDIS-SL59/400 mm/10 mm/30 - 25,4 mm

EDIS-SL60/450 mm/10 mm/30 - 25,4 mm

EDIS-SL61/500 mm/10 mm/30 - 25,4 mm

EDIS-SL62/600 mm/10 mm/30 - 25,4 mm

Standard Equipment

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