Premium range


For drilling materials: construction, concrete, reinforced concrete, granite, stone and similar.

Recommended for machines with less than 3 Kw (3000 W)


Technical specifications


EFOR-G01/32 mm/410 mm

EFOR-G02/42 mm/410 mm

EFOR-G03/52 mm/410 mm

EFOR-G04/58 mm/410 mm

EFOR-G05/62 mm/410 mm

EFOR-G06/72 mm/410 mm

EFOR-G07/82 mm/410 mm

EFOR-G08/92 mm/410 mm

EFOR-G09/102 mm/410 mm

EFOR-G10/112 mm/410 mm

EFOR-G11/122 mm/410 mm

EFOR-G12/127 mm/410 mm

EFOR-G13/132 mm/410 mm

EFOR-G85/142 mm/410 mm

EFOR-G14/152 mm/410 mm

EFOR-G15/162 mm/410 mm

EFOR-G16/172 mm/410 mm

EFOR-G17/182 mm/410 mm

EFOR-G18/202 mm/410 mm

EFOR-G19/251 mm/410 mm

EFOR-G20/301mm/410 mm

Standard Equipment

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