WS 296 HF

High frequency electric disc wall saw

Wall disc saw for cutting operations up to 430 mm. For quick and precise cutting of reinforced concrete, stone and mixed masonry, with high frequency disc machine.

Great speed, lightness and handling combined with great power, the main features of WS 296 HF. The system is powered by an 11 Kw control unit. The machine is equipped with high-frequency technology, (which significantly reduces weight and size) and is able to make precise cuts on any type of building material. The machine runs on very light aluminium rails, it is controlled by a shoulder control with 10 meters of wire. This allows the operator to operate safely away from the workplace.
The machine is equipped with a cutting arm with 360 ยบ rotation that allows cuts beyond the end of the track. The WS296 HF wall saw is equipped with an automatic anti-lock disc system that gives the operator the possibility to work in extreme tranquility because the machine will decelerate the feed automatically in case of slowdown in the rotation speed of the discus. The machine, if equipped with a special flange, can make cuts flush with the wall.
Ideal machine for construction companies and cutting professionals.

Technical specifications

Max. cutting depth: 430 mm

Usable disc diameter: from 650 mm to 1000 mm

Max diameter of the disc can be used without pre-cut: 1000 mm

Disc drive motor: integrated high frequency

Control unit: high frequency 11/17 kw

Feed: electric

Sinking: electric

Controls: shoulder push-button panel

Weight: 22/31 kg

Standard Equipment

  • Cutting head with 800 mm casing
  • Shoulder control with 10 meters of cable
  • 700 mm rail length
  • 1400 mm rail length
  • Rail support foot (3 pieces)
  • 11/17 kw high frequency control unit
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