CAZ 3200

Circular wire saw

For circular openings with diameters from 0.5 to 4.5 meters with thicknesses up to 1.3 meters.

• The easiest to handle and short preparation times, assembly.

• Automatic cutting control

• Flywheel wire tension to balance wire load fields.

• Hydraulic unit operation from 10 to 22 kW.

Circular wire saw operation CAZ-3200

A 120 mm diameter hole is made in the center of the circle to be cut. This hole is used to lift the circular wire saw and guide the diamond wire to the opposite side. Then the wire enters the cut through the guide flywheels. The hydraulic motor drives the endless closed circle diamond wire. With hydraulic operation the circular wire saw turning in the central point makes circular cutting openings.

Technical data:

• Max working pressure (feed): 100 bar.

• Feed rate: 2-14 lt/min:

• Max working pressure: 200-250 bar.

• Capacity: 30 lt/min.

• Central guide unit weight: 42 kg.

• Total weight: 108 kg.

• Dimensions: 2100 x 2450 x 500 mm.


Technical specifications

Circle diameter min/max:  0,52/3,2 mt*

Maximum cutting thickness:  1,1 mt*

Central hole for saw mounting:  120 mm

Hydraulic group weight:  42 kg

Total weight: 108 kg

* Magnification possible by extending the guide tubes

Standard Equipment

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