CSA 1001 H and existing model

Automatic wire saw

Compact, hydraulic, powerful with integrated container for wire up to 20.5 meters.

Ideal workstation also for difficult diamond wire cutting, easy and ingenious to handle. Hydraulic feed control with automatic shear force control (registered utility model) therefore wire tension always constant.

• Easy to carry, compact, modular design.
• Fully enclosed system for improved operating safety.
• Reduced assembly time, preparation.
• High quality hydraulic components.
• Central wire guide by swivel rollers. Thanks to the container for the wire you can make different cutting operations with a single length of wire without the need to shorten it. Therefore no machine downtime for converting or shortening the diamond wire.


Technical specifications

Max power: from 10 to 30 kW

Max working pressure (feed): 100 bar.

Feed: 2-14 lt/min:

Max working pressure: 200-350 bar.

Flow: 30/40 lt/min.

Wire storage capacity: 20,5 m.

Dimensions: 1710x600x680 mm

Unit weight for wire operation: 50 kg.

Machine weight with pulley: 180 kg (removable)

Weight of wire container without guide: 130 kg.

Standard Equipment

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