High frequency ring blade cutter

The new, innovative series of high-frequency manual saws consists of an HS-TS400 saw blade (cutting blade Ơ400 mm), a chainsaw HS-KS400 and a circular saw HS-RS400. All three machines can be operated via HS-FU6C and HS-FU6D universal powerboxes on a 230 or 400 volt power supply line.
General technical characteristics:
• Rated power 3.7 kW at 230 Volt and 6.5 kW at 400 Volt.
• Automatic detection of mains voltage: 230 Volt (single phase) or 400 Volt (three phase).
• Integrated power electronics protects the motor from overload and insufficient cooling.
• Universal water-cooled frequency converter (Poxer Box) for all three devices in the series.
• Handle continuously adjustable and ergonomically positioned.
• Extreme cutting depth of 300 mm.
• With a tool diameter of 400 mm.
• Allows the complete transection of the wall on one side.
• Replacement of diamond ring without tools.
• Integrated hydraulic circuit with easily accessible control valve.
• For cutting only with water cooling of the tool.

Technical specifications

Cut depth: 300 mm

Blade diameter: 400 mm

Voltage: 220/380 V

Power: 3700 W (220 V) - 6500 W (380 V)

Nominal current: 16A (220V) - 13,5A (380V)

Protection: (PRCD/CFCI)

Speed: 2400 rpm

Weight: 13,5 kg

Standard Equipment

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