High frequency vibrating needles with built-in converter

Application: Compaction of concrete

Description: Equipped with compact electronic frequency converter integrated in the power supply cable, characterized by high centrifugal force, constant speed and high wear resistance


Service: Continuous S1

Input: 230V + 10% - 15% - 50/60 Hz -1 ph

Nominal frequency: 12,000 vpm

Insulation Class: F (T laying max = 155 )

Protection class: IP68 bottle protection

Converter protection: IP66.

The inverter is protected against overload, overvoltage, overheating and short circuit.

A LED light indicates the presence of a fault.

Operating Temperature: -20 ºC to +40 ºC

Bottle: Equipped with 4 ball bearings lubricated for life. Hardening treatment (HFI 38), chrome plating (HFI 50, HFI 60, HFI 65).

Integrated switch: Complete with reinforced seal.

Protective hose: SBR 5m rubber hose with textile reinforcement.

Power cable: 10m neoprene cable HO7RN-F with Schuko plug 220V 16A 2P + 1T

Converter: Sturdy die-cast aluminum box. Ergonomic and lightweight (3kg).

Inverter: Tropicalized and protected by a special resin against vibration, moisture and shock.

Finish: Yellow paint RAL 1007 (HFI 38) and chrome plating (HFI 50 - HFI 60 - HFI 65).

Certifications: Community directives and subsequent amendments: 2006/42/EC, 2014/30/EU, 2014/35/EU. Conformity verified according to standard documents: CEI EN 60745-1, CEI EN 60745-2-12

Options: Rubber toe cap

Technical specifications

HFI 38

Bottle diameter: 38

Bottle length: 404 mm

Bottle weight: 2,4 kg

Total weight*: 14,5 kg

Centrifugal force: 1.700 N

Rated current**: 1,5 A

Rated power (42V): 0,5 kW

Action diameter***: 45 cm

Vibration amplitude: 1,8 mm

Noise level****: 70 dB A

Compaction capacity***: 20 m3/h

HFI 50

Bottle diameter: 50

Bottle length: 468 mm

Bottle weight: 5,2 kg

Total weight*: 20,0 kg

Centrifugal force: 3.760 N

Rated current**: 2,7 A

Rated power (42V): 0,9 kW

Action diameter***: 70 cm

Vibration amplitude: 2,1 mm

Noise level****: 76 dB A

Compaction capacity***: 40 m3/h

HFI 60

Bottle diameter: 59

Bottle length: 499 mm

Bottle weight: 8,2 kg

Total weight*: 22,8 kg

Centrifugal force: 5.640 N

Rated current**: 3,0 A

Rated power (42V): 1,1 kW

Action diameter***: 90 cm

Vibration amplitude: 2,4 mm

Noise level****: 79 dB A

Compaction capacity***: 45 m3/h

HFI 65

Bottle diameter: 65

Bottle length: 484 mm

Bottle weight: 9,4 kg

Total weight*: 24,8 kg

Centrifugal force: 7.330 N

Rated current**: 4,5 A

Rated power (42V): 1,3 kW

Action diameter***: 110 cm

Vibration amplitude: 2,6 mm

Noise level****: 79 dB A

Compaction capacity***: 50 m3/h

* Packaging included

** Refer to centrifugal force for amperage evaluation

*** Measurements vary depending on the quality and thickness of the concrete

**** Measured at 1 m distance

Standard Equipment

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