VBC 30

Vertical rammer

The VBC30 vertical vibratory rammer in the petrol and single-phase electric versions is a very powerful and easy to handle model, which can be used on small and medium-sized surfaces.

Ideal for work on pedestrian and cycle paths, for repairs and road restoration of asphalt or in internal environments.

The contained weight allows the operator to work without tiring.

Motor and handle mounted on canvas and vibration dampers to reduce vibrations.

Technical specifications

Swing foot dimensions (Lxl): 330x200 mm*

Centrifugal force: 4kN

Frequency: 47Hz

Compaction depth: 20÷25 cm

Forward speed: 15÷20 m

Sound emission level: 108 dB

Dimensions (LxlxH): 440x200x870 mm

Weight: 27 kg

* on request it can be supplied with a 330x50 mm or 330x100 mm foot

Standard Equipment

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