Piston pump

The AIRLESS 3 piston airless pump combines sturdiness and great technology in a machine, capable of satisfying the most demanding professionals. It is equipped with “intelligent” electronics able to recognize the mounted nozzle and automatically adjust the material delivery pressure.

The pumping system has been sized to withstand heavy and continuous use. It is suitable for spraying paints, quartz paints, enamels, spray fillers, liquid sheaths, itumescents, eternit encapsulants, etc.

› Powerful 2500W motor with high torque for dispensing high density materials

› Operating pressure management electronics, for excellent work every time

› Compact and easy to handle, equipped with large rubber wheels, it can be easily transported up stairs, in apartments and on construction sites

Technical specifications

Voltage: 220-240v 50-60 Hz

Power: 3000W

Flow rate: 5 l/min

Max hose length: 40 mt

Installable guns: 2

Max nozzle install.: 0,33”

Max pressure: 227 bar

Dimensions: 630 x 600 x 800 mm

Weight: 55 kg

Standard Equipment

• Gun, nozzle holder, nozzle, 15 m hose, instruction booklet.

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