Tension sheet dispenser with cloth scraper

Cutting of the reinforcing fabrics

The fabric roller facilitates the cutting of fiberglass fabrics for the facade area, anti-vapor films in the inner area, plastic for window coating etc. Can be used both as a distributor of table rolls and as a suspension for scaffolding. The dosing counter allows a better control of the lengths used. Quick roll replacement thanks to the specially developed roll holder. The roll length of up to 1,700 mm is the most suitable for materials such as vapor barriers, roofing membranes, formwork membranes, roofing films and attic.


Technical specifications

DISPENSER 1 scraper for fabrics

Cutting length:  up to 1.400 mm

Roller diameter:  up to 280 mm

DISPENSER 2 distributor of tensioner sheets

Cutting length:  up to 1.700 mm

Roller diameter:  up to 280 mmm

Standard Equipment

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