HRD 20

Hydraulic drill

The HRD 20 drilling rig is the only tool on the market with built-in airflow and 4 different frequency and rotation settings.

Buying an HRD 20 drilling rig and a COMER hydraulic control unit is the best investment you can make on the market.

The drilling machine guarantees an excellent performance with respect to its weight, and its high quality means long life. The drill shaft is 22 x 108 mm and all standard drills can be used.

The drilling machine can be connected to a hydraulic control unit or similar excavators. The maximum drilling is 70 mm and about 3 meters deep. Depending on the circumstances, the drilling machine can reach a drilling speed of 3½ - 10 cm per minute.

Technical specifications

Oil flow rate: 20/30 l.p.m.

Operating pressure:  115/150 bar

Max pressure: 150 bar

Drilling diameter max:  70 mm

Max drilling depth: 3000 mm

Tool size: 22 x 108 mm

Weight: 20 kg

Standard Equipment

  • 2 hoses length 50 cm with fittings
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